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Rymax Lubricants is proud to bring our high-quality lubricants brand from the Netherlands to South Africa. Our South African head office is based in Cape Town, Western Cape.
The history of Rymax Lubricants goes back to 1987. Ever since, the company has been able to substantially grow in all regions of the world while feeling especially at home on the African continent. Our product portfolio covers all segments, from passenger car and commercial transport engine oil, to gear oils for automotive and industrial applications. But also motorcycle, marine, industrial, agricultural and hydraulic lubricants and fluids are part of our offering. All produced conform the ISO 9001:2015 standards and providing a multitude of OEM approvals and industry certificates. The products are produced in the Netherlands from the best base-oils and most advanced additive packages, but always optimized to suit the local conditions, customers purpose and equipment requirements of our partners.

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