Rymax Agricultural Oils

Rymax Lubricants distributes premium quality imported lubricants in South Africa. For decades the Netherlands have been home to the oil majors. Dutch experience in oil development, -production and marketing  shows in every single item in our product range. 

Rymax Lubricants are sold in 62 countries. On the African continent it is sold in 20 countries. This is a testament that our lubricants are robust enough to withstand the harsh African conditions that engine oil and other lubricants need to withstand.  

Our product portfolio covers all segments: Commercial transport-, motorcycle-, industrial-, agricultural- and hydraulic oils.

  • Our Endurox LD 15W40 and 10W40 diesel engine oils with OEM Approvals from Mercedes, Volvo, MAN and MACK have proven to be the choice of large commercial transporters in SA,  outperforming most brands on technical specifications. 
  • Our Hydraulic 68 is manufactured to a NAS 10 level of cleanliness, a specifictaion most well-known brands in SA cannot claim. 

All products conform to ISO 9001:2015 standards and provide a multitude of OEM approvals and industry certificates. Our range is developed in the Netherlands from the best base-oils and most advanced additive packages. They are always optimized to suit the local conditions, customer purpose and equipment requirements of our partners.

As oil wholesalers, we are always aiming to expand our footprint by appointing oil distributors who share our passion for lubrication on a regional basis. If the Rymax Brand appeals to you, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the available opportunities.