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Quality Lubricants

Proving and upholding our quality standards is our biggest priority. As a result, this high standard of quality is evident throughout our sales and distribution services. 

Rymax Lubricants are ISO-9001 certified. This means that both internal as well as external processes meet the high standards set by the International Organization for Standardization. Rymax products are carefully engineered with the best ingredients. This means high quality base oils combined with the most effective additives. Our products carry all relevant approvals and certifications.

A Brief History

Rymax started in 1987 with the establishment of VPS International in the Netherlands. As a private label lubricant brand, VPS supplied customers all over the world. And with this growing customer base, VPS launched its first own brand in 1998: Rym-Co Lubricants. After a few years, the Rymco brand evolved and was renamed as Rymax Lubricants. Through the years, Rymax Lubricants experienced enormous growth and expanded its product portfolio. Today, its network of distributors cover most major countries. 

Made In Holland

Rymax Lubricants is developed and produced in Holland, which is home to several big oil majors. Holland has a high concentration of knowledge, innovation, technological expertise. This has given Rymax Lubricants the opportunity to develop-, produce-, and ship cutting edge lubricants to its customers worldwide. 

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