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Endurox LD SAE 15W-40
Mineral Heavy Duty Engine Oil

A robust engine oil, developed according to the latest oil consumption- and exhaust emission norms. It meets all American Petroleum Institute API CI-4 requirements for Heavy-Duty engine lubricants. It also meets a wide range of OEM specifications. Our Endurox LD range comes with 2 mineral blends and one semi synthtic blend; SAE 10W-40. The base oils used for this semi synthetic blend offers better performance and a longer drain interval. These are the heavy duty engine oils that have it all. Performance that goes beyond CI-4/SL Worldwide OEM approvals. Mack’s tough new EO-M Premium Plus, Cummins 20078, Volvo VDS-3, and more. So no matter what kind of fleet you operate, these outstanding engine oils give you the proven protection you need to keep running smoothly.

Official MB approval

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