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Gevitro GL-4 TX 75W-80
Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Gear Oil

Gevitro GL-4 TXis a supreme performance manual transmission lubricant specially developed for European heavy duty transmissions used in on-road commercial vehicles and passenger cars. This oil is blended from selected base stocks and advanced additives to provide enhanced gear shift ability, extended service life and excellent protection against component wear & oil seal deterioration.

This gear oil meets the performance requirements of synchromesh transmissions which includes synchromesh compatibility, thermal stability and shift feel. It has excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties which leads to lower maintenance costs and enhanced equipment durability. Superior oxidation stability minimizes high temperature deposit formation facilitating longer gear and bearing life.

Effective rust and corrosion protection reduces wear and extends component life. Excellent shear stability helps maintain viscosity and film strength during severe operating conditions. Outstanding low temperature fluidity reduces wear at start-up and helps in smoother shifting at low ambient temperatures. Good anti-foam properties ensure film strength for effective lubrication and excellent seal compatibility helps minimize leakages and reduce chances of contamination.

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